Pippa’s (nose) Tip

Pippa's Tip

It is common for patients to ask for a rhinoplasty or nose job to look like a certain celebrity. Even more common is I won’t want a nose like Michael Jackson. The most asked about nose job likeness is now Pippa Middleton. Let’s analyze what makes her nose attractive:

  1. From the front view, the nose has very symmetric sides that arise from the eyebrow and gently sweep down to the ala where the cheek meets the nose.
  2. The dorsum is straight, not scooped – it is strong and doesn’t look done.
  3. There is good “supratop break”. This is a dip behind the tip before the dorsum starts. This isolates and defines the tip.
  4. The top is well-defined with a double point where the nasal cartilage throws off points of light.
  5. The base of the nose is not too wide and not too pinched. As Goldilocks would say – it’s just right.

How do I get Pippa’s tip, you might ask? Modern rhinoplasty techniques, particularly “open” rhinoplasty where sutures and grafts are used to define the nose can help give you the refinement her nose exudes.

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Steven Davison, MD | Board Certified Plastic Surgeon | Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon