More Ways to Avoid Fake Looking Breasts Following Implant Surgery…

My last blog covered a few points on breasts implants, 5 reasons breast augmentation with implants can look fake and the importance of having a well qualified plastic surgeon perform all of your breast procedures.

shutterstock_56659141The bottom line on breast augmentations is that all women want to look as natural and pretty as possible.  We know (surgeons) that women today of all ages and stages in life are presenting in our offices to design their own personal breast surgery treatment plan and they, more often than not, include other age defying cosmetic procedures in order to achieve the optimal youthful results they desire.

If you opt for surgery, you can get natural results without the telltale signs of a breast augmentation. More than 330,000 women opted for breast augmentation surgeries in 2012 alone. The right surgeon, helping you choose the right size and shape is the key.

IT’S ALL ABOUT SIZE and SHAPE … When it comes to implants… what looks good on one woman may not look right on another.  One size and shape does not fit all!  Several factors need to be considered so that you end up with the ideal look for your body.  Here are those factors:

  • THE WIDTH of your natural breast is a primary factor.  Your surgeon should take measurements of the base and width of your breasts in order to select an implant that fits your measurements (the size/shape of your breasts) and the build of your body. Then, a natural look can be created.
  • THE SHAPE of your body…is important when choosing implants.  If you have an athletic body, you won’t look natural with really large or narrow implants…they just won’t match your body build.  Also, on bodies with less natural tissue, it is hard to camouflage the implants.
  • YOUR COMMITMENT to WORKING OUT or sports, or other physical activity that impacts the chest must be factored in.  Bigger, heavier implants can create more stress on the breasts and cause more drooping.
  • BREAST ASYMMETRY is when one breast is larger than the other…which is typically the case.  Perfectly symmetrical breasts are rare. However, when we do breast surgeries with implants, it is possible to manipulate and mirror the size of one breast to the other to create symmetry.  This concern should always be addressed before choosing implants since it may be necessary to use two different sizes in order to achieve breast symmetry.

OK…back to the other 5 “dead giveaways”  of fake breasts:  6) Your breasts are hard.  This is often caused by the wrong type of implant or from a capsular contraction.  7)  Your breasts are puckered, rippled, wrinkled or indented.  Wrinkles form from aggressive dissection and cutting of the muscle when creating the pocket for implants that are too large for the body. The muscle becomes damaged and the skin ripples or becomes indented etc.  8)  The skin is stretched out from placing too big of an implant into a naturally small breast. 9)  The bottom part of your breasts are excessively full indicating surgery has been done and 10) You have side breast due to implants that are too large or too wide for your body frame.  They can “pop out” to the side causing an unnatural look.  See my website for complete information on breast procedures:

Since Mom’s and Daughters and Sisters have discovered that they “age alike” they are having cosmetic procedures done together.  In fact, two thirds of all plastic surgery patients today are mothers bringing in their sisters and daughters for procedures  to encourage beautiful, youthful aging. The AAFPRS reports a 16% increase in anti-aging female family procedures this past couple years.  More on that in my next blog!

Are you “Beach Body Ready?”  Let’s talk.

20864_132933510071077_4447800_nSteven Davison M.D.

Board Certified, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon