More Ways to Avoid Fake Looking Breasts Following Implant Surgery…

My last blog covered a few points on breasts implants, 5 reasons breast augmentation with implants can look fake and the importance of having a well qualified plastic surgeon perform all of your breast procedures.

shutterstock_56659141The bottom line on breast augmentations is that all women want to look as natural and pretty as possible.  We know (surgeons) that women today of all ages and stages in life are presenting in our offices to design their own personal breast surgery treatment plan and they, more often than not, include other age defying cosmetic procedures in order to achieve the optimal youthful results they desire.

If you opt for surgery, you can get natural results without the telltale signs of a breast augmentation. More than 330,000 women opted for breast augmentation surgeries in 2012 alone. The right surgeon, helping you choose the right size and shape is the key.

IT’S ALL ABOUT SIZE and SHAPE … When it comes to implants… what looks good on one woman may not look right on another.  One size and shape does not fit all!  Several factors need to be considered so that you end up with the ideal look for your body.  Here are those factors:

  • THE WIDTH of your natural breast is a primary factor.  Your surgeon should take measurements of the base and width of your breasts in order to select an implant that fits your measurements (the size/shape of your breasts) and the build of your body. Then, a natural look can be created.
  • THE SHAPE of your body…is important when choosing implants.  If you have an athletic body, you won’t look natural with really large or narrow implants…they just won’t match your body build.  Also, on bodies with less natural tissue, it is hard to camouflage the implants.
  • YOUR COMMITMENT to WORKING OUT or sports, or other physical activity that impacts the chest must be factored in.  Bigger, heavier implants can create more stress on the breasts and cause more drooping.
  • BREAST ASYMMETRY is when one breast is larger than the other…which is typically the case.  Perfectly symmetrical breasts are rare. However, when we do breast surgeries with implants, it is possible to manipulate and mirror the size of one breast to the other to create symmetry.  This concern should always be addressed before choosing implants since it may be necessary to use two different sizes in order to achieve breast symmetry.

OK…back to the other 5 “dead giveaways”  of fake breasts:  6) Your breasts are hard.  This is often caused by the wrong type of implant or from a capsular contraction.  7)  Your breasts are puckered, rippled, wrinkled or indented.  Wrinkles form from aggressive dissection and cutting of the muscle when creating the pocket for implants that are too large for the body. The muscle becomes damaged and the skin ripples or becomes indented etc.  8)  The skin is stretched out from placing too big of an implant into a naturally small breast. 9)  The bottom part of your breasts are excessively full indicating surgery has been done and 10) You have side breast due to implants that are too large or too wide for your body frame.  They can “pop out” to the side causing an unnatural look.  See my website for complete information on breast procedures:

Since Mom’s and Daughters and Sisters have discovered that they “age alike” they are having cosmetic procedures done together.  In fact, two thirds of all plastic surgery patients today are mothers bringing in their sisters and daughters for procedures  to encourage beautiful, youthful aging. The AAFPRS reports a 16% increase in anti-aging female family procedures this past couple years.  More on that in my next blog!

Are you “Beach Body Ready?”  Let’s talk.

20864_132933510071077_4447800_nSteven Davison M.D.

Board Certified, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon



FaceLifting Injectables…the story behind this magic injection…

Dr. Steven Davison

Injectable fillers used to be just…wrinkle fillers.  Today’s Liquid Miracles…the injectable treatments I am able to use for my patients not only immediately erase lines and grooves  but also “lift” and “contour” aging facial features and flaws for men and women .

Temples, brows, upper eyelids, undereye areas, cheeks, mouth corners and jowls are all easily treated and magically lifted.

How Do They Work?  

Injectable fillers like Radiesse work immediately by replacing volume and stimulating your own collagen renewal while attracting water to the treated area. Juvederm is used in areas requiring less structural improvement…such as under the eyes and for marionette lines. Botox is used to inhibit muscle action allowing forehead furrows to relax and smooth out and also prevents future lines and wrinkles.

Old Injectables V New Injectables

When first introduced, injectables were primarily used to fill in wrinkles.  With product advancement and refined techniques, they…

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Tips for Beautiful Holiday Skin, Fabulous Lips and a Perfect Nose!

Winter is definitely here and that means different skin issues for different people.  So be sure to stay well hydrated to avoid drying skin from heated buildings and use a good   moisturizer to protect against cold wind.  If you live in South Florida, remember sun    shutterstock_65466172protection is important all year around. See my tips for healthy eating to boost skin collagen and enjoy the festivities!


Collagen is the foundation of connective tissue that supports the skin’s structure.  It is essential for younger looking skin.  As we age the body makes less collagen and the quality is reduced.  Naturally occurring enzymes break down collagen causing skin to thin, lose fullness and to form wrinkles.  The sun, pollution, free radicals and smoke all contribute to collagen breakdown.  This starts occurring around age 35.  In spite of this decline, food and today’s age defying treatments can boost collagen naturally to make you look more youthful.

 COLLAGEN BOOSTING FOODS: Celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, dark green, red and orange vegetables,  fish,  berries, soy, white tea, garlic, fresh citrus fruits, oysters, proteins – eggs, nuts and lean meats.


Remember to minimize the sugars, watch for hidden sugars, drink lots of pure water and maintain a good skin care routine to minimize dull, lackluster skin caused by rich Holiday foods.  See my previous blogs for more info on Glow N’ Go.

FABULOUS LIPS WITH CURVES IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACEs… Lip Augmentation using today’s remarkable injectable fillers can create gorgeous, natural looking lips instantly.  There’s still time before Christmas!  Also, follow these guidelines:

·      Stop Smoking

·      Moisturize daily and Exfoliate weekly

·      Resurface the lip skin using dermabrasion, chemical peels or laser treatments to smooth away lip lines and correct uneven skin tones.

·      Fill in Lines with Injectable Fillers that plump up lips and smooth out lines in the right areas…for a sexy, healthy look.  Only Board Certified Surgeons should perform filler treatments…especially the lips!


Great news!  Excessive, particularly Hypertropic scarring can be treated effectively with laser treatments.  In a recent study, 70 percent of 900 patients receiving laser therapy resulted in successful treatment.


Rhinoplasty surgery of the nose is an individualized procedure because “one nose does not fit every face.”  Rhinoplasty surgery is complex especially for “revision” surgeries to repair and correct previous surgical problems. At the hands of a skilled surgeon, Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most requested today because of the dramatic results it offers – both cosmetic and functional. Revision Rhinoplasty can:

1)   Correct assymetries or depressions in the nose

2)   Correct displaced implants or cartilage grafts which make the nose look round and bulbous

3)   Correct nasal obstructions to restore normal breathing

4)   Make the nose smaller and or narrower

5)   Correct inadequate nose tip projection (e.g. droopy tips)

Remember, Rhinoplasty surgery is both complex and difficult and since the nose is the “centerpiece” of your face, it is critical that you choose a Board Certified plastic/reconstructive surgeon with extensive expertise in nose surgeries. I know, I perform them regularly.


See my website for complete info:  There’s still time for Glow N’Go options, Filler Facelifts, Skin rejuvenation by Dermabrasion or laser, laser hair removal and others.  Let’s Talk. 






BUTT UPLIFT…IMPLANTS…and curvy, sexy shape you’ve always wanted! and Manly Makeovers!

BUTT UPLIFT…with IMPLANTSCreate shapely, sexy curves you’ve always wanted….


Regardless of the amount of exercise or weight training, the buttocks are not easily enlarged, shaped or defined.  Butt Uplift with Implants or Fat Grafting changes that and gives men and women the butt they’ve lost or always wanted and never had.

Buttocks Implants is still at the top of the list of “most popular procedures” for the past several years.  Patterned after the outrageously beautiful Brazilian butt Lifts…American women and, yes, men, have and continue to line up for the safe, simple procedure.

Here’s what Butt Implants do:

       Implants enlarge, shape, lift and sculpt the buttocks

       Procedure varies by ethnicity…I tailor it to each individual

       Effects are safe, complementary and long lasting

       Implants are soft and easily shaped to achieve customized, natural looking results

During your personal consultation, I listen carefully and evaluate your desires, personal needs and anatomy to determine what is best suited to you.  Then your treatment is tailored to you personally.  We can also do Vectra 3D Computer Imaging which allows you to see your potential outcomes.  This process really helps patients make good choices.

Butt Implants Procedure is in!  You can read more about it here:

MANLY MAKEOVERS…because LIFE IS COMPETITIVE…and men want to look good!

More men work in office situations than ever before…and looking preppy, alert, handsome and energetic is part of the deal.  Older men are finder it harder to compete and are turning to Brotox to get their edge back. Many of the men who are getting Botox injections feel the need to “look friendlier again.”  Botox eases the forehead wrinkles that make you look angry.  They also get “spot treatments” on the face…whereas women prefer to get Botox in several locations for a more complete makeover.

EXPERT INJECTOR…be sure your Botox injections are given by an “expert injector.”  This requires specialized training along with a thorough understanding of the complex facial anatomy and an artistic eye.  I qualify as a Botox Expert.  I’ve given many hundreds of injection treatments… and I continue to do them on a regular basis.

Media, Peer Pressure and the need to look good!  There has never before been this much pressure on career men to look good and stay looking good.  It comes from every direction….news, special reports, magazines, male models, and especially career recruiters who just tell you like it is…look younger and look good or forget the job.  Older men are feeling really pressured since they are no longer “the young buck at the office.”

There are many, many options to overcome these challenges…no matter what age or stage of life you find yourself.  When treatments start early enough, visible aging is often delayed for several years without aggressive treatment.  We can handle it! 

Botox (Brotox), Liposculpting, Eyelid Surgery, Forehead Lift, Chin Implants and Neck Sculpting with Liposuction…are a few of the more common procedures men are choosing.  They are safer, with less downtime and long lasting results.

Women are giving their Men Manly Makeovers as…Birthday/ Christmas, New Years gifts….and for many others reasons and occasions. These procedures defy and reverse aging…and men are loving them along with several other options.

SPRING 2013 IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER… My blogs will continue to educate you about the many age reversing options such as face saving Power Lifters, super smoothers and other defensive options to help win the war on aging.


If you want to be “Beach Body Ready”…we need to design your program soon and move ahead with it.

Been thinking about Breast Implants, Breast Lift or Reduction, Facial Rejuvenation, a Mommy Makeover, a Daddy Do Over, LipoSculpting to remove fat that won’t budge…Senior Couples Age Reversing Options…and much more…Come in and let’s talk. 

I’m here to help you restore your body to be more youthful, healthy and fit so you can…look and feel your absolute best!  My website for more info:

Steven Davison M.D.

“DAVinci…where I combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.”

Vectra 3D Imaging System…shows age reversing results…before your procedure is done!

shutterstock_54370510 Vectra 3 D Computer Imaging allows you to see actual body sculpting results before you even have the procedure performed! EXAMPLE; To demonstrate outcomes of a Breast Augmentation, 3 D images of your body are taken, loaded into the system and onto a large screen.  The system then selects several implants sizes and shapes…simulates them over your own body…empowers you to make the best possible choice.  RHINOPLASTY…aka…NOSE JOB is much easier to understand while viewing the nose from several angles…to see what really needs to be done.  The 3D system makes this happen.  Read more at:

Vectra’s 3D Compiter Imaging System works for procedures such as:  Facelift, Necklift, Cheek and Chin Implants, Skin Resurfacing, Rhinoplasty, Browlifts, Blepharoplasty (Eyelids) Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Liposuction, Liposculpting with Implants and more…..

ASK US ABOUT  “SCULPT MY DREAM” 3D IMAGING…before your next Age Reversing Procedure!  Here’s what our patients say to us about it:

  • Unbelievable!   It was like seeing my new body in a 3D Movie
  • You can make all the changes you want….until you hit upon the look that’s you!
  • Breast Simulation showed me my personal benefits from a combo “lift/Implants”
  • I finally realized that the simulation could be my actual results!
  • I was able to make a “crystal clear” science based decision…that enabled me to chose the right implants

GOOD CANDIDATES for “SculptMyDream” 3D Computer Imaging System…Men and Women of all ages, stages, ethnicities and goals are getting outstanding procedure results due to requesting 3D imaging first!  Baby Boomers want to regain some youthfulness…in order to look as great as they feel and Generation Xer’s are having a variety of anti aging procedures done regularly…to compete in their career place, to move up through the ranks and because they consider this a normal part of their routine healthcare.   Seniors…more and more are flooding surgeons suites as these “older teens” have decided to grow younger together!

Today’s procedures take years off an aging face and body…with less invasiveness….briefer downtimes and longer lasting results from more dramatic lifters Botox etc.


  • Increases Patient Confidence
  • Allows your participation in creating your treatment plan
  • You see actual simulations (your own body)
  • You can actual outcomes (simulated on your own body)
  • Vectra 3D system is the most accurate, clear, flexible system today

Well, I wanted to make sure you know about this amazing imaging system to enable you to make better choices in 2013…along with offering world class anti aging, age defying, age reversing options…knowing you can make educated decisions based on clear science should help stream line the process a bit for you.   Come in and let’s get you set up!

See my last blog to get up to speed on “antioxidants”...let’s move into 2013 both healthy, more youthful and handsome for us men…. beautiful for you ladies.

Best Wishes to all!

Steven Davison M.D.

DAVinci….where we combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.”

Welcome to 2013 at DAVinci…and many age reversing options!

shutterstock_96154556Welcome to January 2013!    Welcome back to DAVinci…where my staff and I invite you to learn about and experience the life changing, age reversing products and procedures enjoyed by many men and women from every walk and every age and stage in life.    Many thanks to all of you!

2013 will usher in more about…life changing antioxidants, wrinkle erasers, volume replacers, filler trends, most dramatic lifters, age reversal without surgery, laser treatments, stem cell facelifts, fat grafting, liposuction and liposculpting, 3D Imaging, hydration and aging, sources of antioxidants, the beauty of fat,  new mommy makeovers, seniors that grow young together, career sensitive procedures, anti aging roadmap, causes of facial aging, the amazing power of surgery, male makeovers, daddy do.overs…repeats of the 2012 populars…and on it goes!

Recovering from 2012 holidays involves getting back on track with the right high anti oxidants for both your body and your face.

WHY ANTIOXIDANTS?  …antioxidants fight free radicals in the body….free radicals are to the body….what rust is to your prized antique car!

  • Increased intake of raw fruits and vegetables to 3-4 portions per day made a visible improvement in appearance, overall attractiveness and health (Univ. of St. Andrews School of Medicine, Scotland)
  • Food nutrients become building blocks of new skin cells and new collagen (both essential components of healthy skin)
  • Skin has the ability to heal (like every body organ does)…diet factors heavily into this ability  (Jeannette Graf M.D. Manhattan, New York)
  • Genetics and external/environmental factors influence the behavior of cells…but the ability to form properly and maintain a healthy moisture barrier depends upon internal factors
  • Lines, wrinkles and slack skin is part of the aging process…but proper nutrition is proven to stave off signs of aging longer
  • The key is a diet rich in alkalinity…all things green….while minimizing aciditiy …nothing cream or beige is bad!
  • Adequte hydration cannot be overemphasized…lemon/lime add flavor and alkalyze the water
  • Consume high quality protein such as wild caught salmon, spirulina etc….
  • Keep wrinkles at bay by eliminating/minimizing acidic foods, refined sugars, colas, alcohol and caffeine.  E.G….avoid coffee that is several hours old…it’s raging with “free radicals”
  • Refined sugar and processed foods both attach to protein (including collagen) in the body and break it down….causing wrinkles…..2011 Dutch study showed a correlation between higher glucose (sugar) levels in the body and higher perceived age!
  • Tufts University/U.S Dept of Agriculture study showed that a diet rich in plant nutrients like carotenoids, flavonoids and lycopene may provide the whole body with protection against aging UV damage.   Choose bright colored vegies….eat 60-80% raw every day for maximum nutrients…and don’t overcook the rest.
  • WATER… drink 1/2 of your body weight each day in that many ounces…to stay well hydrated.  (e.g….130 lbs requires 65 ounces of pure water every day….minimum!)  KNOW THIS:  there is no substitute for pure water….not iced tea, or coffee, or juice or any other beverage period!   The body is made up of over 90% water….it’s essential!

ANTIOXIDANTS   Good fruits and vegetables, and other high quality food sources (Organic is best) are loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body and can prevent skin damage and fight the signs of aging. More on this later.

Holidays are over…time to get back on track and focus on Health, wellness and youthful beauty!  Stop procrastinating…and let’s talk about the age reversing options you’ve been thinking about.

Happy New Year!

Steven Davison M.D.

“DAVinci….where we combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.”

New Year greetings….blessings, health and prosperity….to everyone!

shutterstock_40069990Happy New Year to everyone….wherever you may be in the world. We wish to thank you for helping to make 2012 such a great year…and we look forward to seeing many of you again in 2013.  We’re here to help you look and feel your absolute best!  

Look for some new age reversing options in 2013…I’ll tell about them in my blogs…so keep on coming back for more good info.

Blessings, health and prosperity to you all.

Steven Davison M.D……staff

Thanksgiving, Benefits of Gratitude,Turkey Neck…not on your neck and Males who get Fat Grafting

THANKSGIVING is a wonderful time for us to give thanks…and I want to thank each of you, our patients, for all you’ve done to help us make DAVinci such a special place. We appreciate each of you a Happy Thanksgiving and all the best in life.

So enjoy the time with family and friends, and count your blessings because…

An ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE…has been scientifically proven to produce many incredible benefits!  Gratitude actually improves blood pressure, stress, depression and reduces risk of developing eating disorders.  Gratitude is associated with improved mood, sense of well being, interpersonal relationships, physical health, weight loss, cardio health, improved immune health and longevity.  So, be thankful for what you have, don’t worry about what you don’t have…and please share the good news with your loved ones and friends.

Ageing and Turkey Neck…As we age we develop a “turkey neck,”
That’s the loose sagging skin under your chin that looks just like turkey waddle.  I do Necklift and Neck contouring with Liposuction to get rid of this unsightly, unwelcome problem.  There’s still time to get your neck contoured before Christmas.

FAT GRAFTING…is fabulous for restoring lost volume in areas such as the cheeks, hands, nasolabial folds and other sagging places.  It’s safe and long lasting.  Many people today prefer it over fillers because we use your own body fat and transfer it to needy areas.  There is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction…because it’s your own natural product.

FAT TRANSFER and the MALE MODEL LOOK…YES more men are doing youth rejuvenating procedures for career benefits and just because the Baby Boomers want to look their best always.

More of today’s men are seeking ways to look healthy, fit, trim and sculpted. They call it “The Male Model Look.” Concerning the face, It involves accentuating some or all of the skeletal highlights of the face.  Areas such as the brow bones, cheeks, chin and jaw angles/jawline.  Fat Grafting/Fat Transfer/Fat Injections (all the same) are fabulous for restoring these deficient areas. Many guys also have a “Nose Job” for ultimate results.

MEN and BROTOX (Botox)   Over 25% of my Botox patients are men.  West Coast doctors report that 50% of their Botox patients are men. In addition to Fat Grafting, Botox is the leading injectable today…and when done by an “Expert Injector” the results are wonderful.  Men like it because they want fast, no downtime results, without everybody knowing.  They don’t mind aging…but they hate the droopiness, jowls, the fat neck etc. Fat Grafting and Botox are two proven ways to deal with these issues.

EXPERT INJECTORS  are Board Certified Surgeons, Facial Plastic surgeons, Dermatologists and Oculoplastic surgeons who have demonstrated due diligence for patient safety, reliable results and consumer education.  Expert Injectors have specialized training in the procedure and products and are specifically qualified to perform the injections.  I am a qualified Expert Injector….please don’t entrust your face to a non expert.

OK…this blog has been bits n pieces of information I’ve wanted to get to you before the year ends…and ideas for helping you keep your best face forward.

AGE DEFYING OPTIONS FOR YOU!  Go to:, to see the many anti ageing options my patients choose.   We can’t stop ageing…but we can slow it down and keep you looking years younger…always!

Come in and let’s chat.

Best to you all.

Steven Davison M.D.

“DAVinci….where we combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.”

Top Mommy Makeovers…toss out those oversized tunics!

This is the perfect time to get started on your Mommy Makeover to be ready for the Holidays, school, work events and…because you want to feel better, look better and “face the world with confidence again.”  Mommy Makeovers repair damage, restore function, rejuvenate youthfulness, create health and well being.

Procedures are more refined, require less downtime, get beautiful natural looking results that also restore function. I have guided hundreds of women through Mommy Makeovers by choosing the best procedures at the right time.

During your consultation, I do a comprehensive assessment of your concerns and help to identify your goals. You get a thorough overview of your options and then together, we create a treatment plan tailored specifically to address your concerns. Remember…No one size fits all and one procedure does not address all problems.

 Pooched Tummy and Droopy Breasts. Every woman who comes to me for a Mommy Makeover dearly loves her children…but childbirth has taken a toll, they have not been able to get their pre baby bodies back and they want expert help to do so.

What Women Want in Mommy Makeovers:

1) Tummy Tucks… especially requested by women who have had multiple pregnancies. A flat tummy often seems like an impossible dream but today it isn’t!  Tummy Tuck eliminates excess fat and loose skin and tightens relaxed, stretched muscles.

2) Breast Surgeries… to lift droopy, sagging breasts, augmentation with implants to restore lost volume and shape, nipple reduction for mom’s who have breastfed several infants.

3) Liposuction/Liposculpture/Body Sculpting…eliminates those stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and even the most rigorous exercise.

4) Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery…also called Vaginal Rejuvenation includes Vaginoplasty to restore the Vagina to pre baby condition (more youthful), Labiaplasty to reduce and reshape the inner and outer labial lips, Fat Transfer to the Labia, Clitoral Hood Reduction and G Spot Amplification to supercharge sexual sensitivity and gratification.

5) SPA Treatments such as…Laser skin treatments to correct discoloration, scar reduction, for skin tightening etc, Injectable Fillers to revitalize and remove years from a tired, aging face, Facials, and much more…in our Spa.

6) Facial Surgeries…age defying options include:  Mini Facelift, Facelift, Nose Reshaping, Eyelid/Eyebrow Lift, Chin Reduction or Enhancement…and many more.  See my website for complete info:

Childbirth changes Women’s bodies… Sex changes, is often painful and non gratifying as the vagina is looser, stretched, misshapen etc., energy levels are lower, physical appearance…well, being out of shape and out of clothes takes its toll physically and emotionally. Vaginal Rejuvenation addresses these and other issues safely and effectively. Women then share that they feel beautiful, healthy and sexy again!

 Choosing a skilled, specialized, reconstructive cosmetic surgeon gives women the confidence to have the procedures that repair damage, restore function and rejuvenate  the body.  I am an expert and have performed many hundreds of these operations and I perform them on a regular basis.

Let’s chat and get your treatment plan designed and streamlined so you can feel and look great again soon!

Steven Davison M.D.

“DAVinci…where I combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.”

Tips for Healthy Summer Skin…by Steven Davison M.D.

Summer Sun & Your Skin

Summer Sun and Skin Tips

Let’s review a few basics for protecting your skin during these summer months when BarBQ’s, beach parties, backyard birthday parties, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and many more outside activities…mean more exposure to the sun.

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of pure water. every body requires water.  it is essential to life itself…there is no substitute for pure water.

Summer Sun Protection Review: 

  • Use Sun Screen often and apply generously (ask Nora what to use)
  • Shade does not guarantee protection from the Sun’s UVA/UVB rays…if you are near the ocean…the water reflects the rays even when you are under umbrellas and trees.
  • Wear sunscreen even when in the shade
  • Wear a Hat and Sunglasses
  • Rinse off Saltwater…if you’re at the beach rinse off saltwater often since it is dehydrating (drying)
  • Drink lots of pure water…cooler is better to help reduce body temperature during hot summer days/nights.  Alcohol is dehydrating.
  • Sun Burns do occur and if so…try these tips from a renowned Hollywood Celebrity Aesthetician/SkinCare Professional:
  • Rinse off with cool water to cool the skin
  • Apply Anti-Oxidants to stop free radical damage   (Vit C&E)
  • Gently Apply Aloe Gel or cold yogurt to help cool the skin
  • Let Your Skin Breathe….avoid too frequent moisturizing with creams, lotions containing heavy oils.
  • Don’t Do it again…avoid getting sunburned in the future!

Foods for Healthy Skin…this info comes compliments of the Mayo Clinic and their suggestions for healthier summer skin.  They include:

  • Carrots, apricots…e.g. lots of yellow and orange fruits and vegetables
  • Spinach, Kale…lots of dark green leafy vegetables and salads
  • Tomatoes
  • Blueberries (strong antioxidant properties)
  • Beans, Peas, Lentils (fiber & protein)
  • Salmon, Mackeral and other deep, cold water fish
  • Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pecans…avoid processed, salted and oily nuts.
  • AVOID refined, processed carbohydrates and fatty fats….sugar, baked goods, bleached & bromated grains etc.

JELLYFISH STINGS…Try to avoid coming into contact with Jellyfish…but if you do get stung here’s what to do:  rinse with salt water immediately, remove tentacles with tweezers or wear protective gloves as soon as possible, rinse with white vinegar and apply vinegar compress.  Use aspirin or tylenol for pain if needed. Seek medical help.

The information I’ve given you today goes for men, women and children!  The sun touches everyone, and the foods recommended are good for the entire population.  So, please enjoy your family times…but do take time to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoy Your Summer.

Steven Davison, M.D.

At DAVinci…I combine the supreme elements of art and surgical science.